Secure Messaging For Hospitals

How YouCallMD works

  • A nurse sends a message via any hospital computer
  • The physician receives the encrypted message via mobile smartphone app. If the message is not opened, a live agent will call the nurse and connect them with the provider. This crucial part of our service guarantees timely communication.
  • If there is ever a disruption in your facility’s computer system, YouCallMD will facilitate communication through a traditional answering service model via a live agent.

Process different call types based on level of intensity

Our proprietary software can detect if a message has been read.  If a message has not been read, we will follow an escalation policy based on your protocol.

Secure messaging for Hospitals

Patient Alignment Messenger (PAM)

We all know inefficient communication is the primary cause of poor outcomes and delayed patient care.

PAM provides a secure chat platform that allows all health care providers to communicate with one another in real time about a shared patient plan of care. This patient centric approach ensures that all providers are aware of the status changes as they happen, avoiding delays and increasing patient satisfaction.

Simply choose a patient from your patient list located in the mobile app and add the health care providers involved in the case. You can also include the patient’s outpatient PCP.

Have More Time To Do What You Do Best

Our agents are ready to take your calls so you have more time to do what you do best, with the peace of mind that your calls are answered promptly and professionally.